Kessler Gestion SA

Durability and trust are the fundamental values that we uphold for building long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Our service rates reflect your expectations in terms of our guidance.

Asset Management – Discretionary Mandate

  • Establishment of the risk profile
  • Constant adaptation of the investment strategy
  • Access to all our research results and product searches
  • Daily account statements of your financial situation
  • Performance calculations in the reference currency
  • Detailed analysis of the portfolio and its performance
  • Control of bank statements and other banking documents
  • Supervision of banking fees

Asset Management – Execution Only Mandate

  • Access to all our research results and product searches
  • Rapid and diligent implementation of all orders
  • Permanent telephone hotline

Administrative Banking Management

  • Assistance for specific banking operations (mortgage, flow-through financing, guarantees, etc.)
  • Bank card orders and regulation of expenses
  • Tax statements from country of domicile

Family Office

  • Optimisation from a tax perspective via research and coordination of the various players involved
  • Daily management and administration of the private needs of all members from the same family
  • Advice in regards to inheritance/succession issues
  • Follow-up of divestments and strategic mergers

Advice Without Mandate

  • Overall financial advice with an eye on foresight, taxes and real estate