Kessler Gestion SA

A simple and stable corporate organisation enables us to focus on the long-term whilst facilitating a rapid, thoughtful, and independent decision-making process.

Having benefited from a long and rich experience in the asset management sector for over 30 years, we have the expertise to assist you in preserving and growing your wealth. We do not aim to obtain short-term gains, but prefer to focus our efforts on optimising your investments for the long-term.

We have established a strong reputation as independent wealth management experts and see ourselves as the best choice for becoming your direct representative with the banking establishment in which your funds are deposited.

We are particularly proud to be managing the private fortunes of over 300 national and international individuals, and to have been advising certain families for as long as 3 generations.

Investment Philosophy

Our Mission

Our primary interests and concerns are entirely centred on your personal growth. This approach results in our giving ultra-personalised advice and also forms the basis of our investment philosophy in which trust and a long-term vision are paramount.

Our advice giving process consists of, at first, determining and understanding our customer’s world and the private and/or professional sphere in which the fortune was accumulated. We place a great deal of importance on defining your personal and financial profile.

The second stage is characterised by a thorough analysis of your needs and expectations in regards to investments and asset management in general. An overall financial concept will be drawn up in accordance to the determined personal requirements; this concept will have the potential of evolving with time and the flexibility to be adapted according to future requirements and aspirations.

Our investment philosophy is customer-focussed, completely personalised and geared towards durability. Our mission represents a continuous process of optimising your long-term financial situation in order to safeguard your needs as well as those of future generations.